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About Us

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We're Different

There are plenty of marketing and advertising agencies from which to choose, and they all strive to stand out. So, how is Global Vision Communications unique?

We are storytellers with a purpose. We can toe the line but are not afraid to take risks. Whether working within strict confines or pushing the limits a bit, GVC is built on a backbone of creativity – a truth that is revealed in each and every campaign. We identify your audience, tell your story in an impactful way and get results.

Leading the creativity are two very different minds – each complementing the other. Neil Hare, the President and Founder of GVC, is a published author, strategic businessman and a storyteller by nature. Jennifer Bethel, GVC's creative director, is an award-winning designer, who uses her skills with color, composition and visual arts to create images that make a lasting impression. Even with society's increasingly fragmented attention span, these storytellers – these artists – this team – presents the refined talent of grabbing mindshare. Their stories and images invoke an emotional response ensuring the message resonates with the audience, remains in that audience's collective conscious and drives results. 


  Focused, Driven Talent

Our team is powerful and our reach is vast. Our focus and drive is passed on to each client we represent and the brand they desire to build. Each member of our team fills a specific need, leads a key department and provides the most committed, enthusiastic expertise available in the industry. We support each other and maintain consistent communication in order to conceptualize, build and execute each targeted campaign.

You don't have to take our word for it. See for yourself. Start by checking out our team bios. Pretty impressive!

Then, take a look at our extensive capabilities from the art of storytelling to the impact of design; from the skill of message identification to the strategy of relationship building. Now, imagine building your brand by maximizing these core competencies to fully engage and appeal to your target audience.

Our services

Whether advertising a business or promoting a cause, our multifaceted approach to developing your campaign brings success on various levels and reaches target audiences through several channels. With specific goals in mind, such as driving response, increasing revenue or building brand awareness, we integrate all, or some, of our capabilities to deliver the highest impact. We always start with a strategy and then implement key tactics.

OUR Strategy


Brand is the single most important part of your company or campaign. From fonts and colors to symbolism and composition we are brand experts. We dive into who you are, walk in your target audiences’ shoes and fully immerse ourselves in your brand. 


The word creative in itself has become misused. We bring it back to its roots, to the artist itself. Our creative department is made up of artists that are: 

• Thoughtful in our composition and color theory 

• Sound in our strategic direction 

• Passionate about taking projects and turning them into designs that come to life 


It doesn’t matter how good your creative is if it doesn’t tell the right story to the right audience. Our team understands messaging, and how to tell the right story in the most compelling way, ultimately causing people to stop, take notice and remember. 


We have a unique approach to handling the distribution of our clients’ message. Instead of attacking campaigns in the same way as everyone else, we created an entirely unique approach. We would tell you more, but wouldn’t that give away our secrets? For now, let’s just call it SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile).



OUR tactics


We offer the full spectrum of advertising services – from print and TV to digital and mobile. What makes us unique? We target every element of your campaign to strategically identified audiences in order to reinforce your brand and tell your story. 


Custom Website Creation: Numerous firms offer websites, but few have the designers and programmers working together. Our team is comprised of our programmers and designers sitting side-by-side to ensure both the look and functionality of your website represents your brand consistently on every single page. Each page comes together to tell your unique story, while functioning with the latest and best programming standards. 

Custom Application Development: Developing a custom app that delivers information or provides a service can be an effective and impactful way to communicate and maintain a touch-point with your target audience, keeping them engaged with your brand. We will help you determine what type of application would best support your brand and create and execute that app. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Our team specializes in building your SEO results organically to optimize your site’s traffic. From implementing best practices while programming your site, to writing your website content, we consider SEO each step of the way. We customize SEO plans to drive traffic to your site through blogs, social media, Google AdWords and earned media. 


We have the creativity to develop powerful custom content along with the capabilities to deliver it directly to the audience and distribute it through multiple channels. We have the power to tell your story, and get your story told, all with the influence to make people listen. 


In addition to custom content in the form of text, video and images, we also have the expertise to design and implement custom infographics that convey your message. While infographics do not have a place in every campaign, sometimes they are the most effective and memorable way to get your message across. 


We have connections with Fortune 500 companies, chambers of commerce, trade and professional associations. We have created powerful alliances between these organizations amplifying our clients’ message and driving results. 


When you blend our creative talents, messaging capabilities, comprehensive understanding of brand and alliance-building relationships and apply those forces to events, you get results. We get the right people to attend your event, and organize the right speakers, topics and design elements to create excitement. We generate buzz, deploy viral tactics and handle every aspect of your event to make it truly stand out. 


We understand how to activate media outlets to disseminate your message. We have connections with publications, top bloggers and local and national news outlets.